What is LinkRisk?

Manage your links. The LinkRisk algo calculates a score for every link pointing at your site and provides easy tools to investigate, clean up and manage your link profile.


Audit is the tool that LinkRisk started with. With Audit you can take any link data source and analyse the risk of every link using our proprietary algorithm.


The LinkRisk Outreach tool allows you to browse our categorised database of potential placement opportunities. You can filter by the metrics you need and focus in on just the sites that you need.


Our investigate toolset makes site analysis quick and easy by providing an intuitive interface to investigate the links and quickly add them into lists within your LinkRisk Audit account.

Link Risk Management

Manage the risk in your back link profile. Proactively audit your incoming links

Find Link Opportunities

Mine link data to find opportunities.
Export to outreach tools

Link data for business

Easy to use and understand data to present to clients and managers

What is LinkRisk?

LinkRisk is an algorithmically calculated score to analyse the level of risk in your website's backlink profile. LinkRisk shows you where the danger spots are and where the power lies.

Who uses LinkRisk?

  • "There have been a few tools coming out on the market since the first Penguin - but I have to say that LinkRisk wins right now for me on ease of use and intuitive accuracy. They can cut the time it takes to analyse and root out your bad links from days to minutes..."

    Dixon Jones

  • "Since using LinkRisk, our link auditing process has become a lot smarter and more efficient. With LinkRisk's easy to use Litmus scoring and visualisation of the data, explaining to clients the state of their current link profile has never been easier."

    Daniel Bianchini

  • "Before LinkRisk arrived, we use to spend many painful, murder-inducing hours carrying out backlink analysis for our clients. LinkRisk does it in a flash, providing us real insight (which keeps us happy) via very shiny-looking charts (which makes our clients happy)."

    Pete Campbell

Latest Blog Post

Algorithm Update – LinkRisk Dance ‘Newman’

Today we are rolling out yet another update to our algorithm. Each time we do this we call the LinkRisk dance after someone in SEO who kind of embodies what the update is about. This time the update is named after the venerable Mr Kelvin Newman. Kelvin is the man behind the excellent BrightonSEO...